When an expert opinion is needed, why wait?

Best In Class MD provides urgent care and medical facilities the ability to remotely gain access to a wide range of specialty-specific orthopedic providers.

Give your clients on-demand access to the country’s top medical specialists

We’re not your average telehealth company. We partner with urgent care centers to provide clients the answers they need when they need it. A timely diagnosis and opportunity to discuss treatment plans with a nationally regarded expert will no doubt leave your clients satisfied.

Become a center of excellence

Integrate specialty orthopedic service line without costly overhead.  BICMD's digital platform gives your staff and clients access to specialized providers in just a few clicks.

Eliminate downstream costs

A BICMD expert can provide a diagnosis and treatment plan right away.  No need to schedule and coordinate an in-person referral and risk the client seeking care in an emergency room.

Separate yourself from competitors

Connect your clients to internationally recognized elite medical minds and become known for exceptional care delivery.  Bring a trusted expert to your client using BICMD.

Coordinated Musculoskeletal care management

BICMD built its telehealth solution to provide members with direct access to the orthopedic specialists of their choosing, on-demand.

Medical record review

BICMD experts review complex cases that have the potential to drive up care costs. They’ll help discern what procedure is actually necessary and communicate a treatment plan.

Second opinions they can trust

Because our doctors are the best in the country, their second opinions will be your clients’ final opinions.

Focused attention

Clients get up to 30 minutes of focused doctor attention to have all their questions answered.

Face-to-face meetings

On-demand consultations with top doctors scheduled at your clients' convenience.

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Partner with BICMD to give your employees, members, or patients access to the best in musculoskeletal care.