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A second opinion is only as good as the doctor providing it.

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Medical Record Review

  • Asynchronous encounter
  • MD of your choice reviews medical records and imaging
  • Receive detailed Expert Report within 5 days of booking

Comprehensive Consultation 

  • MD of your choice reviews medical records and imaging
  • Scheduled telehealth encounter with up to 5 participants of your choice
  • Receive detailed Expert Report within 5 days of your session

Impairment Ratings

  • Asynchronous encounter
  • MD of your choice reviews medical records and imaging
  • Receive detailed Expert Impairment Rating Report within 5 days of booking

What makes us different?

Integrate elite medical minds into your workflows

Not only does BICMD provide access to the top 1% of physicians, we ensure that the expert physician answers your team's questions and provides customized advice.

Reduce your average cost of claims

Musculoskeletal surgical claims are a significant driver of healthcare expenses, yet studies show as many as 30 percent of surgeries are over-indicated.  Nobody is better at identifying unnecessary surgeries than a BICMD expert.

Complex cases deserve expertise

A complex case is simplified with timely diagnoses and access to experts capable of defining appropriate next steps.  Have a BICMD expert review all available information and provide guidance on alternative treatment plans.  Your case managers will thank you.

BICMD Workers Compensation Client Spotlight

Expert Image

An almost life-changing injury

The moment a 35-year old shipyard worker’s hand was crushed by a door roller, his future flashed before his eyes. When the local treating doctor recommended a four-finger amputation, the AEU claims team wisely advocated for a Best In Class MD second opinion. The BICMD provider, a leading expert hand and wrist surgeon, successfully changed the course of care to a reconstructive procedure, salvaging the workers’ four fingers and enabling him to return to full duty work just 5 months after the accident.

What is the price tag on quality?

While it is of course impossible to quantify the value of retaining full function of a hand or the ability for an individual to remain in the workforce, there are undoubtedly consistent financial savings that result from the delivery of high quality care. In this case, direct savings for the recommended operation was $160,000 and indirect savings for the associated disability and litigation fees was an additional $200,000.

The Value of Expert Physicians in Workers Compensation

Laborers are at high risk for injury due to the nature of their jobs, and organizations who cover these claims are faced with difficult challenges related to medical management and how to best advocate for their clients and members. As a partner, BICMD works with AEU to improve outcomes by 1) leveraging its proprietary technology to create access to an elite network of physicians 2) deploying a matching algorithm to ensure the best MD is assigned to opine on the case 3) offering a unique suite of services which allows claims teams to understand the optimal path to recovery.

“Our partnership with BICMD helps support AEU’s promise to ensure our members’ employees receive high quality, medically necessary and validated medical care, at the right time. The BICMD physicians and the entire clinical team provide thoughtful guidance for our injured workers, and we are always confident that their best interests are at heart.”

Kayla Tortorich
Senior Vice President
Director of Claims Medical Management

Client Testimonials

Sollis Health: 24/7 doctor, private ER and concierge medicine service. “At Sollis, we provide above and beyond concierge care, and carefully select partners who meet our standards for quality. Our members, who are always on the go and frequently travel internationally, know that a referral to BICMD means a fast and convenient appointment with advice delivered by a leading expert in the field, no matter their location.”

Kristy Bondi
VP Care Coordination

Risk Administrative Services (RAS): Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier “Best In Class MD fits perfectly in our mission of delivering innovative solutions that promote a safe, healthy, and productive workforce. Having access to the BICMD physician network allows us to confidently tell our clients that their injured employees are receiving the best treatment at the appropriate time. Whether an impairment rating, medical record review, or telehealth visit, we have seen first-hand how a BICMD second opinion provides superior medical information for our clients injured workers.”

Larry Klaahsen
Executive Vice President and Partner


Please schedule time to speak with our team regarding our pricing packages. 
Each of Best In Class MD’s clients has a dedicated Virtual Care Facilitation team and account representative. This team is available to you during the entire referral process and 
Peer reviews are phone calls or written reports from provider to provider to discuss the appropriateness and necessity of medical care. BICMD expert medical opinions do not always involve the treating provider. However, upon request, BICMD comprehensive (telehealth) consultations can be scheduled between the BICMD physician and the primary treating provider, which is very similar in nature to a Peer Review. The main advantage of a BICMD provider-to-provider review is the qualifications and training of the BICMD physician, who will always be a guaranteed expert in the area of specialty. 
Expert medical opinions and Independent Medical Exams are both medical management tools for those handling a claim. Because Independent Medical Exams require in-person evaluations and are often associated with denial of care, these commonly cause inherent friction with the injured individual and lead to litigation and increased associated legal fees. Expert Medical Opinions are able to provide a complete case review, recommend the most appropriate treatment options and address surgical necessity without direct interaction with the injured worker. The results of the expert medical opinion may be shared with individuals on a case-by-case basis. 
We would be delighted to show you a demonstration! Please fill out this form and someone on our team will be in touch with you to set up a meeting. 
BICMD’s portal is fully HIPAA-compliant and accredited by Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC). Therefore, all personal health information (PHI) is protected and secure. Information will never be shared with anyone other than the expert providing their opinion.
Upon submitting a referral, you will see a step for uploading medical records and imaging. Accepted file formats for medical records are PDF, Word Doc, jpg, png, and mp4, while accepted file formats for medical imaging are .dicom, .dcm or files with no extension. The process is simple and occurs through dragging and dropping files from your device. For instructions on how to upload your medical records and imaging, please click here to visit our 6-Step Upload Guide. For further support, please contact our Care Facilitation Team via phone (800-650-5907) or email (carefacilitator@bicmd.com).
A second opinion is only as valuable as the qualification of the physician providing it. The biggest differentiator for BICMD is the quality of our network. Each of our physicians are at the top 1% of their specialty, ensuring they are the highest trained and qualified experts in their field and their opinion will always be the most trusted. There is full transparency into the physician providing the recommendations. We have the fastest turnaround time in the market, see the greatest financial savings, and offer a complimentary post-referral case review with a nurse practitioner for all referrals.
For organizations, expert medical opinions and second opinions help ensure the employee or member receives the right care at the right time. Over 80% of the time BICMD physicians recommend a change in the treatment plan of the initial provider, which leads to both better recovery results as well as a significant cost savings.

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