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A new way to connect directly with patients

Provide direct musculoskeletal care without the bureaucracy of healthcare systems. We’re looking for best-in-class doctors to join our patient-focused platform.

With BICMD, you can take your expertise further

We simplify healthcare, so you can talk with members directly, providing virtual consults.

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Scale beyond the traditional practice model

Our unique platform takes insurance, complex “in-network” healthcare systems, and referrals out of the way so patients can access you directly.

Get more value from your time and expertise

As one of the top 1% in the country, your opinion is in high demand. Now more people can reach you quickly and directly to answers to their questions.

Connect with members around the world

Because all our appointments are online and direct from patient to doctor, you can help people from all over the world.

Give your members the one-on-one focus they need

Meet online for up to 30 minutes so you have time to answer all their questions.

Here’s how it works

Start connecting with clients around the world in just a few steps.

Create your profile on our platform

Share your credentials, experience, and areas of expertise.

Our engine matches you with the best potential patients

Members will connect with you based on their condition, their timing, and their budget.

Access client records and imaging ahead of time to prepare opinions

They’ll share their background, so you can be fully ready with your diagnoses and recommendations.

Connect with your clients face-to-face on our platform for a virtual consult

Meet online for up to 40 minutes so you have time to answer all their questions. Or, provide a written report of your recommendation.

Are you at the top of your game?

If you’re one of the country’s top 1% of orthopedic specialists, you belong at BICMD.


We employ only the top 1% of doctors.


We pull from only the top 10 medical institutions based on US News and World Report


Over 60 conditions covered by BIC MD specialists

Serving top institutions:
Recognized as top doctors by:
Working with athletes from:

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Partner with BICMD to expand your options and put your expertise to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply to become an Expert on our platform, please visit https://doctor.bicmd.com/application and fill out your application. Our team meets monthly to review applications, and will contact you directly for any additional information.
With BICMD, you can provide your second opinion for your client and help them make an educated decision regarding their treatment plan. You’re no longer limited to your office - you can help clients from all around the world and get them back to doing what they love.
To use BICMD, patients create an account by going to patient.bicmd.com or clicking on the “Connect Now” button on our Home page. They are prompted to choose which service best suits their needs, and asked to upload medical records and imaging if necessary. Then, according to the service they have chosen, they will meet with their BICMD expert virtually and/or receive a written second opinion.
With telehealth, you can see clients anytime, anywhere! Telemedicine eliminates travel time and expenses for clients, and allows them to be seen at a convenient time that works for both of you. It also allows you to provide second opinions for clients all over the world!
Telemedicine is the use of technology that allows you to see clients remotely wherever they are, using a smartphone or laptop.
Yes. All medical records, imaging, reports and virtual visits conducted through the BICMD portal are secure.