BICMD Inc. Platform Privacy Policy

Applies to All Platform(s), Website(s), and App(s) offered by BICMD Inc.

BICMD Inc. (“BICMD” and/or “Company”) operates the website located at https://bicmd.com and other websites and applications which refer and/or link to this Privacy Policy. Via these website(s) and application(s), Company offers online virtual consultation platform service(s) (collectively, the “Services”) which allow consumers to interact with consultant healthcare professionals (“Physician(s)” and/or “Consultant(s)”) who provide education and information. This Privacy Policy constitutes both a notice to any user of Company’s Services (you, “User” or “Users”) as well as an agreement between Company and any user of Company’s Services, consenting to Company’s practices as disclosed herein.

  • Disclosure & Consent. Company discloses its Privacy Policy, including practices concerning the capture and use of information, herein. As described herein, you – the User – consent to any practices so disclosed and agrees to waive any claim against Company arising from any such practice disclosed herein. If you do not agree or consent, you may not use Company’s Services.

  • Compliance with the Law. Compliance with the law is of the utmost importance to Company. Company will comply with all legal obligations including those concerning the collection, storage, use, transmission, privacy, or disclosure of any User’s data. All provisions or disclosures of this privacy policy should be interpreted to be limited to those practices permitted by applicable law, and Company will take any and all actions necessary to comply with the law, even if not stated explicitly herein. Should the law change, Company will change its internal processes and procedures to comply with the law, even if such changes are not noted here or in a future version of this policy, and User consents to any such changes.

  • What Information May We Collect? The Services may collect many different types of User information, including Personally Identifying Information, Health Information, Clinical Intake Information, Demographic Information, and Payment Information. These categories are broad and we may collect additional information not specifically listed in these categories. Because the more information we have, the better we are able to serve you, the Services will seek to collect all information that is available or that you provide to us.

  • How we use your information? We may use any information we collect in the provision of the services, as well as the ordinary and ongoing conduct of our business, including:

    • disclosing information that you provide to us to BICMD’s network of doctors, subject matter experts, and other healthcare professionals (the “BICMD Network”) for their reference in consulting with you,

    • obtaining payment for our services and the services of the BICMD Network,

    • improving the operation of our Services, improving the Services or developing new Services,

    • conduct research following necessary internal and external protocols,

    • to comply with any applicable laws requiring or authorizing disclosure, assisting in public health efforts, informing authorities or law enforcement of any information they require,

    • communicate with you about additional products and/or services that you may find useful.

  • How we share your information? We will not share any User information which we are prohibited by law from sharing. Subject to the foregoing, we will share information with our subsidiaries and affiliates, with the BICMD Network, as required to avert harm to others, and for any other purpose which we disclose to you, including at the time you provide the information to us.

  • Our use of Cookies, GPS, and Other Tracking Mechanisms. The Services may collect and use cookies, GPS, and other technological mechanisms to collect information. This information is subject to the same policies as any other information.

  • De-Identified Information. To the extent that any information submitted by you is de-identified or anonymized, such that it cannot be readily or reasonably traced back to you, we may use it for any purposes allowed by law.

  • Security of My Personal Information. The security of your personal information is of the highest priority to Company. We use state of the art technologies, including encryption, to ensure that your information cannot be intercepted in transit or while it is being stored. We will use all reasonable measures to continue to safeguard your information and will update these measures according to industry best practices. BICMD respects your data privacy and will delete all of your personally identifying information, and other data, upon request.  Please email: support@bicmd.com with your username and BICMD email address to request deletion of your data.

  • Marketing Communications. We may use your information to send you marketing communications about the Services or other Services which you may find useful.

  • Contact Us. If you have questions about our collection, use of, storage of, processing of, or sharing of your information, you may contact us at privacy@bicmd.com. Please allow 2-4 weeks for a response.

  • Consent, Changes, & Acceptance. This disclosure is offered by Company by providing its text to User via any of its website(s) or application(s). Updated versions of this disclosure may be offered to User via the same or other means. User consents to Company’s practices as provided herein, and in consideration of Company’s provision of its Services (including the service of providing any website and/or application itself) and hereby agrees to waive any claim against Company arising from Company’s practices as disclosed herein. Such acceptance by User is indicated by User’s viewing, browsing, logging into, or continued use of, Company’s website(s), application(s), or service(s).