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Yes! Musculoskeletal conditions are uniquely positioned for effective telehealth episodes of care, as Orthopedic conditions can be effectively managed remotely. BICMD experts have been trained to perform their analysis and deliver their expertise in a virtual environment. Our experts are sure to provide you with quality care, creating the same relationship as in-person without the travel time and office waits. Additionally, all BICMD providers are experts in their field, meaning they’ve seen hundreds or thousands of cases similar to yours. Through BICMD’s telehealth platform, an expert MD can accurately review your information and advise you on how to move forward with your orthopedic condition.
Absolutely.  At BICMD we want you to pick the expert that is right for you.  While the choice of doctor is uniquely yours, BICMD uses a matching process to recommend you doctors that are world-renowned experts in your condition. The choice is yours.
The three services we offer at BICMD include: a Medical Record Review, an On-demand Telemedicine visit, and a Comprehensive Telemedicine visit. As part of our Comprehensive Telemedicine service, you will have the option of uploading your medical records and scheduling a virtual visit with a BICMD Expert of your choice. Prior to your visit, your  Expert will review your medical records and ask you clarifying questions during your visit. After your visit, they will provide a summary report that includes recommendations for next steps.  For an On-demand Telemedicine visit, you will be able to connect directly for a virtual visit with our available network of on-call orthopedic surgeons. Similar to an in-person walk-in clinic, you will not need to upload any medical records, but you may share your screen if you wish to do so.  For Medical Records Review, your selected expert will review your records and provide a summary report with treatment recommendations that answer your questions. This service does not include a virtual visit.
With Telehealth, you can be seen anytime, anywhere! Telemedicine eliminates travel time and expenses, and allows you to be seen at your convenience, without leaving the comfort of your home.
Now that you have received a second opinion, the choice is yours! Second opinions are often used to confirm that the original diagnosis and treatment option you received are correct. Your BICMD expert may agree with your local provider, or may suggest a different course of action. You can choose to follow your original treatment option with your primary doctor, or contact your BICMD Expert to follow up with them in person at their physical location.
Yes. At this time, your expectation should be that the visit and post-visit summary will be conducted and written in English. If your medical records are in a different language, please use a qualified medical interpreter before submitting them on our platform.
Meeting with a BICMD provider simply requires stable internet connection. If you have access to a reliable source of internet, you can easily connect with a BICMD provider no matter where you are located!
Yes. All medical records, imaging, reports and virtual visits conducted through the BICMD portal are secure.
Payment for your appointment will be collected when you finalize your booking through your secure patient portal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You should see payment processed within 3-5 business days.
A BICMD consultation often falls outside of traditional health insurance.   This allows you to choose your best-in-class specialist, without any restrictions from your insurance company.
BICMD providers set their own fees for appointments based on our recommendations. Our services start at $250 and vary depending on the service and expert you choose, as well as the immediacy of the consultation. For all services, cost includes:
  • Quick access to an expert in the specialty you have chosen
  • Access to a Virtual Care Facilitator for assistance
  • A virtual encounter and/or a written second opinion from your expert physician, depending on the service you choose
You can book an appointment right away! We have experts in every orthopedic specialty with different availabilities to suit your needs. With BICMD, you’re able to meet virtually with an expert within hours or book further in advance. It’s up to you!
With BICMD, you can be sure that you are receiving non-bias Expert advice from the best of the best. Our providers are here to give you a second opinion on an orthopedic-related condition you may be experiencing. With this information, you can make an educated decision on a treatment plan moving forward.
To use BICMD, create an account by going to patient.bicmd.com or clicking on the “Connect Now” button on our Home page. You’ll be prompted to choose which service best suits your needs, and asked to upload medical records and imaging if necessary. Then, according to the service you have chosen, you will meet your BICMD expert virtually and/or receive a written second opinion. You will be assigned a Virtual Care Facilitator who can help you through this process, guide you through uploading your medical imaging and records, and ensure that your questions are answered.
Telehealth is the use of technology that allows clients to be seen by a physician remotely wherever the patient is, using a smartphone or laptop.
Upon booking, our care facilitation team will support you and ensure that all records were uploaded successfully and were reviewed by the medical doctor(s) of your choosing.
Our doctors are available 24/7.  Our platform allows you to choose the appointment time that works best for you.  With BICMD, you’re able to meet virtually with an expert within hours or book further in advance. It’s up to you!
BICMD's will match you with three providers who meet your specific clinical criteria and expertise. From there, you have the opportunity to view each provider's profile, qualifications, training and price to decide which is the best fit for you.

Medical Record Upload

You can upload as many medical records as you want! However, there is an additional charge to review more than 500 pages of records ($0.50 per additional page).
For instructions on how to upload your medical records and imaging, please refer to our patient portal. As you are prompted to upload your documents, follow the instructions that are presented in that step. If your medical images aren’t uploading, check the file format. Medical image studies come in different file formats, They can have a DICOM file extension (.dcm) or no file extension at all. Acceptable file formats are: PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, CT, X-Ray, MRI, US, or PET. If your medical records are paper copies instead of files downloaded on your device, we recommend scanning them and saving them as a PDF, PNG, or JPEG. This will allow you to upload the files easily when you are asked for them.
Your records and imaging can be requested from your current provider. Most commonly, these documents are delivered on a disk; however, they may also provide them via secure email. We strongly suggest that you request your medical records prior to booking your Medical Record Review or Comprehensive Consultation.


To apply to become an Expert on our platform, please visit https://doctor.bicmd.com/application and fill out your application. Our team meets monthly to review applications, and will contact you directly for any additional information.
With BICMD, you can provide your second opinion for your client and help them make an educated decision regarding their treatment plan. You’re no longer limited to your office - you can help clients from all around the world and get them back to doing what they love.
To use BICMD, patients create an account by going to patient.bicmd.com or clicking on the “Connect Now” button on our Home page. They are prompted to choose which service best suits their needs, and asked to upload medical records and imaging if necessary. Then, according to the service they have chosen, they will meet with their BICMD expert virtually and/or receive a written second opinion.
With telehealth, you can see clients anytime, anywhere! Telemedicine eliminates travel time and expenses for clients, and allows them to be seen at a convenient time that works for both of you. It also allows you to provide second opinions for clients all over the world!
Telemedicine is the use of technology that allows you to see clients remotely wherever they are, using a smartphone or laptop.
Yes. All medical records, imaging, reports and virtual visits conducted through the BICMD portal are secure.

Our specialists have you covered for:

  • Charles Goldfarb, MD
    • Chief of Pediatric and Adolescent Orthopedic Surgery
    • Executive Vice Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • David Altchek, MD
    • Chief Emeritus of the HSS Sports Medicine Institute
    • Medical Director for the New York Mets (MLB)
  • Nicola Fabbri
    • Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
    • Advisory Panel of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network
  • Wakenda Tyler, MD MPH
    • Chief of Orthopedic Oncology Service
    • Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Riley Williams III, MD
    • Attending surgeon and professor, top-ranked Hospital for Special Surgery
    • Medical Director for the Brooklyn Nets (NBA) and Team Physician for USA Basketball
  • Michael Cross, MD
    • Orthopedic surgeon, top-ranked Hospital for Special Surgery
    • Chief of Research, Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement Service

My BICMD expert accurately diagnosed my injury and saved me from the procedure recommended by my local doctor

-Christine Vollmer

I've now made a decision about my next steps and the BICMD platform truly fulfilled its promise to provide expert second opinions.

-Alex Miller

The booking process with BICMD was a quick and efficient process. I had my medical imaging on a disk, and the virtual care facilitator helped me get my images to my BICMD expert.

-Ed Leskaukas

Before my BICMD consultation, I didn’t fully understand my treatment options. During my virtual visit, I was offered multiple treatment options with advantages and disadvantages for each. I am confident that I chose the right treatment option for me.

-Katie Hogan