Eliminate unnecessary care

Best In Class MD's experts have the training and specialty-specific expertise to review your most complex members.

Provide your team with access to the country’s top medical specialists

Our second-opinion service gives you peace of mind in knowing that all your members reviewed by BICMD have the right treatment plan and aren’t receiving unnecessary care. Consider BICMD a valuable stop in determining the appropriateness of musculoskeletal care.

Integrate elite medical minds into your workflows

Not only does BICMD provide access to the top 1% of physicians, we ensure that the expert physician answers your team's questions and provides customized advice.

Reduce your average cost of claims

Musculoskeletal surgical claims are a significant driver of healthcare expenses, yet studies show as many as 30 percent of surgeries are over-indicated.  Nobody is better at identifying unnecessary surgeries than a BICMD expert.

Complex cases deserve expertise

A complex case is simplified with timely diagnoses and access to experts capable of defining appropriate next steps.  Have a BICMD expert review all available information and provide guidance on alternative treatment plans.  Your case managers will thank you.

Coordinated Musculoskeletal care management

BICMD built its telehealth solution to provide members with direct access to the orthopedic specialists of their choosing, on-demand.

Medical record review

BICMD experts review complex cases that have the potential to drive up care costs. They’ll help discern what procedure is actually necessary and communicate a treatment plan.

Second opinions they can trust

Because our doctors are the best in the country, their second opinions will be your final opinions.

Timely medical advice

Our doctors review all case materials, provide answers to your questions, and recommend next steps - all within 48 hours.

Face-to-face meetings

Opportunity to schedule a videoconference with a BICMD expert at your clients or care manager's convenience.

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