Orthopedic telehealth solutions for Organizations

At BICMD, we help organizations improve health outcomes while reducing costs. As our partner, you will gain access to the best and brightest orthopedic specialists for on-demand urgent care, orthopedic consultations, and medical second opinions – no matter where your business is located or when care is needed.

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The health of your employees is paramount and the costs of care have become one of your growing concerns. What’s more? Gathering accurate medical advice can be a complex system to navigate. BICMD’s consultations and medical second opinions provide the peace of mind knowing that your employees have an accurate diagnosis and best possible treatment plan.


  • Improve Care Outcomes
    Musculoskeletal conditions affect 1 out of every 2 persons in the United States.
  • Keep your Employees Happy
    Musculoskeletal injuries can be a stressful event for your employees. Provide them access to the best specialists so they can have peace of mind. Your employees will thank you.
  • Reduce Time Off
    The annual United States cost for treatment and lost wages related to musculoskeletal disorders was $213 billion, or 1.4 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Keep employees at work and productive.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Surgeries
    As many as 25% of patients initially recommended for surgery undergo non-operative treatment after a second opinion. BICMD experts will work with you to ensure an accurate diagnosis was made and your employee has an appropriate yet manageable treatment plan.
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Medical Facilities & Urgent Cares

When an expert opinion is needed, why wait? We provide urgent care and medical facilities the ability to remotely gain access to a wide range of specialty-specific orthopedic providers via our on-demand telehealth platform. Bring the expert to the patient using BICMD.


  • Integrate an orthopedic service line without costly overhead
  • Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Eliminate unnecessary referrals
  • Instantly become an orthopedic center of excellence
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BICMD’s experts have the training and specialty-specific expertise to accurately review your most complex members. Our second-opinion service gives you peace of mind in knowing that all your members reviewed by BICMD have the right treatment plan and aren’t receiving unnecessary care.


  • Access to the top 1% of physicians for medical record review and second opinions
  • Reduce average cost of claims
  • Evaluation of alternative treatment plans for complex cases
  • Improve member outcomes and population health
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Technology Driven Solutions for Your Enterprise Needs

BICMD built its telehealth solution to provide patients with direct access to the orthopedic specialists of their choosing, on-demand. They have the ability to search, book appointments, meet with providers, and maintain their records, all in one secure portal.

Medical Record Review and Second Opinion

Our curated network of experts specializes in reviewing the complex cases that otherwise drive up costs of care. We provide your members and employees with the best plan to get them healthy and avoid surgery, if possible.

Orthopedic Telehealth

Secure, integrated telemedicine with orthopedic specialists ranging from oncology to sports medicine via your phone, laptop, or computer. Available on-demand or schedule a consultation for when you’re free. All you need is the internet. Simple and easy to navigate.

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Client Spotlight

“BICMD and Ametros have partnered to provide best in class service for injured workers. Ametros, the largest and most trusted professional administration expert in the industry, refers injured parties, insurers, employers, attorneys to BICMD whenever an expert opinion is needed.”

“I had received varying opinions from orthopedic surgeons – my BICMD doctor provided me with an accurate diagnosis and opinion.”

— Nancy Lewis

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Partner with BICMD to give your employees, members, or patients access to the best in musculoskeletal care.